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15 August. 2014
Coastal Bermuda

Since forages are predominantly used for livestock as a source of nutrition for many animals, forage quality effects the amount of consumption, as well as the resulting animal appearance and performance. Many factors effect forage quality. Richness of soil, proper fertilizing, maturity at harvest, forage species, leafiness at harvest, storage conditions, moisture level, and the  presence of diseases, insects and weeds, are all important factors that determine the quality of hay.

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Barton hay farming serves the farm and ranch community in four surrounding counties. Horse owners love Barton hay and cattle ranchers arrive from all around to buy the Barton product, which is the cleanest and most nutritious hay in Texas! Thank our most precious God for the good soil and rain.

Yummie Veggies during the spring and early summer months. Join us for delicious meals with garden vegetables; or why not come on over to pick your own!


The farm requires several tractors and a variety of other heavy equipment to be mechanically maintained, such as discs, rakes, round balers, square balers, cutters, shredders, hay kings for moving hay, and the list goes on.


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